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The Sun Never Sets on the 10th Mountain Division

Hi, 10th Mountain Division Descendants family & friends, I am a second-generation descendant and I am doing my undergraduate research on the descendants group! I could really use some help with my paper, if you could answer any or all of the following questions it would really help me represent our history correctly! I know most of you on here are Division members but maybe you could pass this information on to some descendants you know!

Why and when did you join the 10th mountain Division Descendant group?

How involved are you with descendants group?

Have you gone on the Italy trip, read the newsletter applied to/received any of the scholarships?

What 10th Mountain Memorabilia do you keep in your home?

If you do is it displayed or in safe keeping? (I have a stone from the italy baraks my grandfather brought home from the Italy trip, etc.)

Was your ancestor open about their mountain career or was it more of a secret?

Did you join the division before or after your ancestor passed away? If so, what year did you join?

If you do answer any or all of these question in the comments or feel free to message me please fill out the attached form! If you don't fill out the form I won't be able to use any of your helpful information! Thank you all so much for your time! I hope you have a great day and I can't wait to hear from you!


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